LE SSERAFIM unveils 1st stage with 5 members as Kim Garam’s on hiatus due to school violence controversy

LE SSERAFIM continues their debut promotions as a 5-member group. 

After having their appearance on KBS “Music Bank” on May 20th canceled due to member Kim Garam’s school violence controversy, on SBS “Inkigayo” broadcast today (May 22nd), LE SSERAFIM has resumed their music show schedules with a performance of the debut title track “FEARLESS”. 


Without Kim Garam, who has been swept up in school bullying allegations and was recently announced to go on a temporary hiatus from promotions, LE SSERAFIM performed on “Inkigayo” with 5 members including Sakura, Kim Chaewon, Kazuha, Heo Yunjin, and Hong Eunchae.

The intro of “FEARLESS”, which was originally sung by Kim Garam, was replaced by Heo Yunjin. The rest of Kim Garam’s parts were all well pulled off by other members. The majority of viewers left comments saying they enjoyed the 5-member stage more than the original version with Kim Garam. The overall performance is even said to look more cohesive as 5 and doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything. Some netizens wonder if this is HYBE’s way to test viewers’ reaction to the 5-member lineup. 

Meanwhile, HYBE and Source Music still maintain their stance on defending Kim Garam and claimed on May 20th that she was a victim, not a perpetrator. The company released a statement, saying, “After discussing with Kim Garam, we decided that she will stop promoting for the time being and focus on healing her injured mind and heart. Until Kim Garam recovers and returns, LE SSERAFIM will temporarily promote as a 5-member group.”

LE SSERAFIM made their debut on May 2nd and drew much attention as the first girl group launched through the collaboration between HYBE and its affiliated label Source Music.

Source: Wikitree

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