LE SSERAFIM to promote without Kim Garam starting May 22nd 

The group’s promotions were previously halted due to Kim Garam’s bullying controversies.

According to Herald POP, LE SSERAFIM will perform with a five-member lineup on this week’s “Inkigayo”, which will be broadcasted on Sunday, May 22nd. 

Previously, their performance on the May 20th episode of Music Bank was canceled following the newest events of Kim Garam’s school violence allegations. A video call fansign later in the day was also postponed, and details regarding new schedules will be sent to fans who were selected. 

This is the first time LE SSERAFIM will appear with a five-member lineup, despite Kim Garam being embroiled in controversies since their debut. A victim recently threatened to reveal abusive messages and evidence regarding Kim Garam’s behavior, and demanded an apology. However, HYBE and Source Music maintained that Kim Garam was a victim herself, and that all allegations were false.  

Le Sserafim Kim Garam

According to the agency, malicious rumors aimed at Kim Garam caused the idol’s mental health to suffer, and the current hiatus is for her recovery. It remains unclear when, or if, Kim Garam will return to the group. 

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