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Popular webtoon “Love Alarm” is getting reborn as a dating reality show

After being adapted into a drama, the famous webtoon “Love Alarm” will be made into a reality show.  

On May 20th, Kakao Entertainment announced the production of an upcoming survival dating reality show based on the popular webtoon “Love Alarm”. The recruitment for participants of “Love Alarm” will be open for the public until May 31st. 


According to the production crew, regardless of age, occupation, or dating experience, anyone who is looking for “true love”, can join “Love Alarm”. The final participants will be selected through interviews.

The concept of “Love Alarm” is taken from the original webtoon of the same name serialized on Kakao Webtoon by author Chun Kye Young. It is about a fictional application that notifies you when someone who likes you comes within a 10-meter radius.  


“Love Alarm”, which started serialization in 2014 and recently finished with season 9, is a globally popular webtoon with a cumulative 5 billion views. In 2019, it was adapted into a Netflix original series and greenlit for 2 seasons. 

Kim Min Jong, CP of Kakao Entertainment, who produced “Real Men” and “Wannabe Ryan”, will be in charge of directing “Love Alarm”. “Love Alarm” is expected to capture the delicate and subtle emotional changes of participants who are seeking love and the thrill of romance full of excitement and tension. 

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After Kakao Entertainment presented a new trend in dating reality shows with “Change Days”, viewers are wondering if they can continue to succeed with “Love Alarm”. 

CP Kim Min Jong said, “In addition to the actual implementation of the Love Alarm app in the webtoon, we will bring more fun by introducing various configurations and unique rules for participants. We look forward to the participation of many courageous individuals who want to find true love through dating survival.”

“Love Alarm” will start filming in June and will be released on Kakao TV in the second half of this year.

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