“Lee Min-ho’s first love” actress Hwang Seon-hee joins IHQ – Jang Hyuk and Kim Hye-yoon’s company 

Actress Hwang Seon-hee recently signed an exclusive contract with IHQ. 

On May 20th, IHQ said, “We sent a love call to actress Hwang Seon-hee knowing she has the talent to play different roles. We are so happy to welcome her as a new member of our family”.

Expressing her feelings, Hwang Seon-hee said, “Individual ability is necessary for an actor to grow better but the role of the management company is also significant”, adding, “iHQ is an entertainment company that has produced numerous Hallyu stars with its well-organized system. I hope they can create a good environment for me to focus on my acting activities.”

Hwang Seon-hee

Also, Hwang Seon-hee said, “I will always try my best to show you great performances as an actress. Please look forward to me”. IHQ also stated, “We will actively support Hwang Seon-hee through our diverse networks so that she can establish herself as a trustworthy actress.”

Hwang Seon-hee

Hwang Seon-hee graduated from university majoring in Theatre and Film then debuted with the role of a psychopath in the 2011 drama “Sign”. She made her face widely known after appearing as Lee Min-ho’s first love in the hit drama “City Hunter”, which ranked No.1 on the rating chart at that time. Hwang Seon-hee recently left a strong impression on the viewers with her character Noh Young-joo in “Artificial City”.

Hwang Seon-hee

Meanwhile, IHQ is currently managing Jang Hyuk, Kim Hye-yoon, Jin Yi-han, Hwang Je-sung, and Lee Soo-ji. It also operates four cable broadcasting channels and OTT platforms, such as Channel IHQ, IHQ drama, IHQ show, and Sandbox+.

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