0 points for both digital and album: CSR’s 1st win on Music Bank under controversy for pre-written promotional posts

Music Bank is under suspicion of rigging scores for rookie girl group CSR. 

After rookie girl group CSR took home their first-ever music show win against singer Younha on the December 2nd broadcast of KBS’s Music Bank to the surprise of many, this has become a controversial topic among netizens. 

Younha’s “Event Horizon” received a digital point of 3587, broadcast point of 8, viewer preference of 881, physical album point of 0, social media point of 10, making up a total score of 4486. CSR took first place with “LoveTicon” with 0 points for digital music, 6324 points for broadcast, 83 points for viewer preference, 0 points for physical album, 0 points for social media, and a total score of 6407.

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Previously, Music Bank caused a controversy when singers with high scores in digital music and albums were “robbed” of 1st place with broadcast points. Representative victims include Lim Young Woong and Taeyeon.

In particular, Lim Young Woong received 0 broadcast points, leading to a controversy over the fairness of the counting standards and even a police investigation.

This time, Younha, who is topping the charts with “Event Horizon”, has become another victim. 

Notably, netizens have found suspicious posts on the Korean online community Daum Cafe promoting CSR with their 1st win on today’s Music Bank. What’s worth mentioning is that these posts were uploaded hours before the Music Bank winner was announced on the live broadcast (at around 6:20 PM KST). 

This has raised suspicion that CSR’s company knew the results in advance and wanted to take the opportunity to promote the group, but mistakenly uploaded them as public instead of private. Some netizens said this is a viral marketing attempt. These posts have been deleted.


The pre-written Daum Cafe posts are as follows:

1. “Today’s Music Bank winner is a rookie from a small company” – Posted at 4:07 PM KST

It is CSR.

Consisting members born in the year of Chicken, who are 17 years old. 

A group that follows the friendly + bright + innocent concept

2. “The 2nd small and mid-sized company miracle after GFRIEND” – Posted at 3:30 PM KST

It’s CSR.

Coming from a small and mid-sized company, they won No.1 on Music Bank after 4 months since debut.

Because it’s hard to earn digital points compared to big company groups, they attended many events and broadcasts and won 1st place thanks to the broadcast points.

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