NewJeans is the NEXT BTS? HYBE angered netizens with media-play

As NewJeans is constantly hailed to be HYBE’s “new ace” amid BTS’ enlistment, netizens express their dissatisfaction. 

It is impossible to deny that NewJeans is among the most favorite Kpop girl groups nowadays, having attained various impressive achievements. With a high debut budget, unique concept, and creative music direction, the HYBE girl group is considered the company’s “new ace”. 

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NewJeans is gaining a lot of attention and receiving a lot of love

With BTS members starting their enlistment, it seems that the media and HYBE are expecting NewJeans to fill in the empty spot BTS left behind. In particular, a user on the Korean forum “theqoo” has compiled various articles that compare BTS and NewJeans, which goes from “NewJeans sweeping charts, working to fill BTS’ empty spot”, “NewJeans taking the baton of BTS. HYBE’s stock experiencing rises”, “NewJeans play a crucial role in restoring HYBE’s potential”, to calling NewJeans the “Next BTS”. 

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Various articles claim that NewJeans will take the mantle…
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…while BTS take a break due to their military enlistment 

These articles ended up receiving various controversial opinions, as BTS fans believe that HYBE is trying to downplay the contributions of BTS to their company. They also feel bothered that HYBE is using the name of their idols for mediaplay. 

Many also expressed that it is too soon to consider NewJeans the “new ace” of HYBE. Despite their early success, the girl group has a long way to go, and these articles would leave a sour impression on the public, they said. 

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • There will be no HYBE without BTS, these article titles are really getting on my nerves
  • I shall wait and see if HYBE can ever get a “NEXT BTS”. Sure, they are successful, but they will never be BTS
  • Dragging in BTS’ name only to praise NewJeans? This is surely a low-blow
  • They are indeed trying to “lower BTS’ influence”. These articles won’t make people like NewJeans
  • There are still these kinds of exaggerated media-play now? What the heck is HYBE doing?
BTS Newjeans thumbnail
HYBE is being criticized for hailing NewJeans while dragging in BTS

Source: theqoo

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