A K-drama that shocked fans by revealing its male lead to not be human after 48 episodes

After 3 seasons and 48 episodes, viewers of “Love ft Marriage and Divorce” were taken aback as they learned the male lead was artificial intelligence. 

In an interview with Yonhap News on May 9th, screenwriter Im Sung Han revealed a shocking detail about the male lead Seo Ban (played by actor Moon Sung Ho) in his hit series “Love ft Marriage and Divorce“. According to her, Seo Ban is actually an A.I

In particular, the writer was revealing that Seo Ban’s younger brother, Seo Dong Ma (played by Bu Bae), was still alive. Previously, season 3 of “Love ft Marriage and Divorce” closed with Seo Dong Ma being hospitalized after a ceiling fell on him.  Then, she also added: “Dong Ma, who was pronounced brain dead, will become an artificial intelligence just like his brother Seo Ban, after his father (played by Han Jin Hee), neurosurgeon and chairman of SF Electronics, operates on him.”  This revelation was jaw-dropping to all fans of the series, and had them reassess Moon Sung Ho’s “stiff” and “robotic” acting throughout the show. 

Love, Marriage and Divorce
Male lead Seo Ban of “Love ft Marriage and Divorce” is actually an A.I

“Could he have been possessed by an AI?”, “I can’t make any sense out of this”, “If Seo Ban is an AI then Moon Sung Ho delivered it perfectly”, netizens exclaimed at this sudden plot twist. 

Love, Marriage and Divorce

However, a great number of viewers also felt displeased at Im Sung Han for dropping such a drastic detail. They complained that “Love ft Marriage and Divorce” had a terrible finale with too many unresolved issues, that Seo Ban’s real identity was never hinted, and that Seo Dong Ma’s ending was vague and inexplicable.

Love, Marriage and Divorce

At this, the screenwriter answered: “While writing in accordance with my original plan, I found out that there were still too many untied ends. So, rather than just ending things on a vague note, I had to stop midway. As a writer, this both upset and disappointed me, so I understand the audience’s criticism. I’d like to apologize to everyone.”

Love, Marriage and Divorce


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