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Is Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook real? “I hated it, but I want it these days”

Song Ji-hyo reveals her true feelings about her love line with Kim Jong-kook.

MBC Every1’s “Tteokbokki Brothers,” which will air on May 10th, will be decorated with the theme of “Secondary-character Goddess.” Song Ji-hyo, who is active in many fields, will appear as an actress (her main character) and an entertainer (her secondary character). As Ji Seok-jin and his co-worker of 12 years Song Ji-hyo will appear together in this episode, many are expecting pleasant revelations and the tiki-taka chemistry between them.

Song Ji-hyo

According to the production team, Ji Seok-jin said, “Song Ji-hyo is a real goddess. Her on-screen visual is nothing compared to her in real life,” he said, “Song Ji-hyo does not bluff and is simple. She is the best prospective bride,” he said, praising Song Ji-hyo who he has worked with for 12 years. As a result, Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-min suddenly started to create a pink atmosphere despite it being their first meeting.

Song Ji-hyo

However, to approach Song Ji-hyo, there is a wall that Kim Jong-min had to cross, and it is Kim Jong-kook. Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook are receiving great love for their love line on SBS’ “Running Man.” Ji Seok-jin even said that he would buy a large TV for them if the two get married. Kim Jong-kook asked Song Ji-hyo a straightforward question, saying, “Is your love line with Kim Jong-kook true?”

Song Ji-hyo said, “To be honest, I hated my love line with Kim Jong-kook at first. I even asked Kim Jong-kook not to do such a thing,” surprising everyone. But now, Song Ji-hyo, more than anyone else, thinks this love line is fun. Song Ji-hyo confides, “These days, I even ask for more.”

Song Ji-hyo

Why did Song Ji-hyo hate her love line with Kim Jong-kook? What is the truth behind Song Ji-hyo and Kim Jong-kook‘s love line? Will Kim Jong-min be able to win Song Ji-hyo‘s heart and cross the Kim Jong-kook‘s wall? The “Tteokbokki Brothers,” where all of this will be revealed, will visit viewers at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 10th.

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