[Pann] These are the things Knetizens believe should be removed from Korean award shows

A post on Pann discussing the flaws of Korean award shows are gathering attention from netizens.

Korean award shows are the events many KPOP fans look forward to when the year is about to end, since they are the chances for their idols to perform on a big and professional stage, have collaborations with other idols and won themselves their hard-earned awards. However, after every award show, it seems like there are always some controversies. On the popular Korean community website Pann, a post discussing the flaws of these shows are gathering much attention.

Here is the original post:

Things to Be Removed at Korean music award shows

  1. Not giving awards to singers who don’t attend.
  2. Giving the award to other singers since the one who deserves it has many awards already.
  3. Making fans vote for Daesangs and Bonsangs that are not Popularity Award.
  4. Giving singers the performance time that does not match their achievement and give some singers more time than they should get.

I think it’s going to be a clean process if these things are gone. Huh.

Source: Pann

[+206, -0] The sound and camera problems are serious, too.

[+196, -0] There are many award ceremonies as well.

[+140, -0] I also don’t understand while there has to be so f*cking many award shows. Please lessen them.

[+57, -0] Making and giving awards against fans’ will

[+54, -0] Please cancel Genie or AAA, and make MAMA only one day long. I don’t understand why they have to divide it into three days. I wish MelOn and MAMA could be like this, just like before.

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