[PANN] These are the reasons why netizens think EXO and BTS are the top idol groups

A recent post on Pann is gathering attention for listing the reasons for EXO and BTS’ popularity.

These are the reasons why I think EXO and BTS are the top idol groups


First, I can see that they’re so close and loving each other.

I was surprised to see that they are still staying together even though they are both top class idols.

I am interested in idols and I like both groups. I  have enjoyed many of their videos and the more I watch them, the more heart-warming I feel. 

They just look so close.

The leaders take care of the members. The members follow the leaders. Even in the absence of a member, they always sing his parts, take care of him, and cheer for his personal activities. It is so nice to see that.

I think real teamwork is important for idol groups.

If you don’t get along well, the first ones to notice it are your fans. Fans hate to see their idols being award while together. 

It would be obvious if their relationship is not good.

How nice it is to have good-looking kids hanging out with each other.

I hope EXO and BTS, who are receiving Daesang in the photos above, can be happier in the future.

(The original post has 171 upvotes and 55 downvotes)

Source: Pann

[+109, -36] Without loyalty within them, EXO will be dead soon.

[+34, -0] If the members’ relationship wasn’t good, fans would notice right away. But they’re so nice to each other. They take care of each other, buy food for each other and they are very loyal to each other as well. It’s amazing that they haven’t fought each other during those 7 years ㅋㅋ

[+31, -0] The fact that EXO has never argued during those seven years is so amazing. It’s not easy for guys to get together and do that without having conflicts.

[+30, -5] Teamwork makes the dream work.


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