Pachinko episode 7 brought a plot twist with the surprising past of Lee Min Ho

Episode 7 of K-drama “Pachinko” unveiled the tragic past behind Lee Min Ho’s character. 

In newly-aired episode of Apple TV series “Pachinko”, viewers get to see the early life of Koh Han Su (Lee Min Ho’s character). From the beginning, Han Su was always a cold and materialistic guy. He was even dubbed an asshat by the audience after impregnating the female lead Sun Ja only to tell her he was already married. However, Han Su’s turbulent past has brought a completely new light to this character and explained why he became the man he is today.

Koh Han Su used to lead a poor but happy life…
…with his father, who doted on him.

Turns out that Han Su used to be a warm, kind-hearted, and filial son. His father worked at a boxing room for the Japanese, while Han Su tutored the young master Andrew of the Holmes family. Han Su was also so good at math that the Holmes offered to take him to America, only for the devastating Yokohama earthquake to change everything. 


Han Su’s beloved father died right in front of his eyes, and the Holmes also perished under the hellfire. 

The Japanese burned down his loved ones…
… while Koh Han Su could only watch in vain. 

The disaster had totally wrecked Han Su as a human. It didn’t help that amid the tragedy, he had to witness fellow Korean people being mistreated and ostracized by the Japanese. Han So even had to stay still and watch as four of his people were burned alive. 

All of these events greatly traumatized Koh Han Su. 

Pachinko”, which stars actress Kim Min Ha, Youn Yuh Jung, and actor Lee Min Ho, airs every Friday on Apple TV+.

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