Other Girls’ Generation members have all had their own solo debut, why is Sunny standing still?

Many cannot understand this matter and start to raise the question of why hasn’t Sunny had her solo debut even though she has had 12 years of experience.

Recently, YoonA was announced by SM Entertainment to be the next name of Girls’ Generation to have a solo album. This makes Sunny the only member left who still hasn’t had any official solo album. Her solo biography only consists of some OSTs and songs from small music projects.

Sunny is the only Girls’ Generation member who hasn’t had a solo debut yet.

Sunny’s fans are getting impatient because their idol has had 12 years of experience but still hasn’t left any impress in the music world while all of her group members have all achieved something in their solo career.

Why is Sunny’s solo career delayed?

Sunny debuted as a sub-vocal of Girls’ Generation. According to professionalist, her strength is her high voice pitch and good high-note. However, she still couldn’t stabilize her voice which sometimes causes discomfort for listeners. Her choreography is also not as highly-appreciated as her members.

“The Second Drawer” – Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Not an impressice voice, but Sunny is also not a famous face in Girls’ Generation ever since her debut. This born-in-1989 female idol has a cute and adorable face but in a group where there’s too many gorgeous beauties like YoonA, Tiffany,…she’s overshadowed. This led to her fanbase being smaller than others, and her public recognition is not as high as the others. Sunny is always in the later half of the top 100 girl group brand reputation ranking while Taeyeon, Yoona,…even got into the top 10.

Sunny is not a significant name of her group.

This soon turns into Sunny’s big disadvantage and affects her solo plan. Without the public’s support and a huge fandom, Sunny’s solo might not receive the well-needed love and might fail on both the image and business category.

On the other hand, the reason for Sunny’s late solo debut is because SM Entertainment doesn’t allow her to. It can easily be seen that she is currently the least active member. Apart from some radio and entertainment show, Sunny is nowhere to been.

However, taking a look at her activities, Sunny seems to be more of an entertainer than a singer. The female idol has a funny characteristics and her talking skill was complimented when she appeared on many shows such as “Invincible Youth”, “Roommate”. She even received the :Rookie Radio DJ Award” of MBC after she became the host for “FM Date” radio show. Maybe, her agency is trying to let her focus more on the entertainment field than a solo music career?

Thanks to her smooth talking skill, Sunny appears more on variety show than music shows.


Even though there are many reason to why Sunny still hasn’t had her solo but it will be a huge waste if she isn’t given the chance. With 12 years of experience, Sunny has all the things she need to be on stage. Even though her voice is not that impressive among Girls’ Generation members, Sunny’s singing skill sure is better than many of her juniors these days.

Sunny might not be strong in digital sales, but it’s nothing hard for SM to let her release a digital single. Especially, with the effect from a Girls’ Generation member’s solo debut, Sunny might be successful. All SM needs to do right now, is to give Sunny a chance to challenge herself which can satisfy her fans while letting the female idol prove her ability after 12 years.

Source: Kenh14

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