NTX Hojun “I want to be like BTS Jin in terms of personality”

Boy group NTX selected their role model artists whose music and personality they want to resemble.

On Nov 23rd, NTX (Hyeonjin, Yunhyeok, Jaemin, Changhun, Hojun, Rawhyun, Eunho, Jiseong, Seungwon) held a showcase at Ilchi Art Hall in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul to commemorate the release of their new single “LATECOMER”.


Hojun specifically mentioned his role models, “I choose ASTRO Moon Bin in terms of dancing, IU in terms of music and BTS Jin in terms of personality.”

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Eunho then said, “My role model in terms of vocal is Highlight Yang Yo Seob.” Changhun confessed, “I like THE BOYZ as a fan.” Yunhyeok shared, “I like BIGBANG.”

Meanwhile, NTX’s new single “LATECOMER” will be released through various online music sites at 6 PM today (Nov 23rd).


Source: Daum

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