Not going solo yet, but Rosé is already given songs composed by fans and even international singers who love BLACKPINK

 Despite Rosé not officially having a solo debut, fans have been giving songs to the main vocalist of BLACKPINK.

 Possessing a massive fanbase, recently having the honor of receiving the ruby ​​button for the YouTube channel with 50 million global subscribers, BLACKPINK has been and is on the peak of their career.

 Besides, each member has their own charm, one thing in common is that they all own a huge number of fans.  Rosé – the main vocalist of BLACKPINK has recently gained attention because… fans have composed 3 songs for her!

 Mayonnaise – a rock band from the Philippines recently released the album Friends & Family.  Especially in the album there are 3 songs written for Rosé.  Even to make it easy for fans to recognize, the band incorporated Rosé’s voice into each song, most notably the song Park Chaeyoung – which is Rosé’s Korean name.

 In addition, the group also gave her two more songs, St. Augustine and Sniper Training.  The lyrics of the songs are also very nice, it seems to be the loving words of the band members to the idol: “Your voice and face, how brilliant and bright they are. I won’t be able to leave, I’m yours forever no matter what happens till the end”.

 The group’s album contains 10 songs, of which 3 songs are for Rosé

 Mayonnaise debuted in 2002. The leader of the group has long expressed her admiration for the BLACKPINK member.  He even covered the acoustic version of the song “ Really ” to mark the comeback of BLACKPINK after a long absence with the message: “Officially a loyal BLINK after this cover”.

 This is not the first time that Rosé has received a song composed exclusively for her.  Before that, claire p.  – A freelance singer has released the song ‘roses are you’ and given to Rosé with extremely fluttering lyrics, the song was composed to celebrate the 4-year anniversary of the singer with Rosé. Besides, member Jennie also received a song dedicated to her, titled JENNIE, performed by Chinese singer Ye Ziming.

 Recently, a series of rumors about BLACKPINK’s next member to have a solo are spreading on social media, especially after the documentary Light Up The Sky with Rosé’s solo recording scene was released.

 Although the future of the solo debut is still very unpredictable, with the number of fan songs dedicated to her, the main vocalist of BLACKPINK will never have to worry about lack of music to sing!

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