Jennie’s Declaration Next to Shin Hyunji: ‘Am I a Panda?’

BLACKPINK member Jennie confessed her love for bamboo shoots.

Recently, a video titled ‘Jennie in Tokyo – Part 2′ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Jennierubyjane Official.’

In the video, after finishing a luxury brand event in Tokyo, Jennie spent her holiday with her close friend, Shin Hyunji. Jennie said, ‘We’re in a taxi right now. I couldn’t resist my hunger and went straight for Aburi Soba.’

jennie blackpink shin hyun ji

Upon arriving at the restaurant, the two of them received assistance from a Korean staff member to place their order. Jennie expressed her gratitude, saying, ‘I’m really saved because there’s a Korean here. Thank you.’

Once seated, out of the blue, Jennie said, ‘I think I look like a panda.’ When Shin Hyunji asked for the reason, she replied, ‘I like bamboo shoots. The reason I’m eating Aburi Soba is that it has delicious bamboo shoots.’

jennie blackpink shin hyun ji

When the food arrived, Jennie said, ‘I will try eating bamboo shoots’ and expressed satisfaction, saying, ‘Hmm, I think I can have one more bowl of this after eating?’

Afterward, Jennie enjoyed the delicious bamboo shoots and Aburi Soba, even dancing in her seat, elevating the mood.

Source: daum

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