New channel ENA releases an announcement on “How to watch ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ from all over the country”

ENA, the new broadcasting station that is airing drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, is promoting its channel enthusiastically.

The announcement on ENA’s website showed the channel numbers where “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” can be viewed nationwide. At first, only major channels, such as Skylife, OllehTV, Btv, and U+tv, were announced but recently, all possible channel numbers nationwide have been provided.

The reason why ENA had to release guidance on the channel numbers is that it is a new cable channel. Although each household is familiar with some specific public broadcasting or cable channel numbers, ENA is too new that the viewers’ accessibility to dramas on the channel may be difficult. 

For that reason, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is breaking its highest rating record every week. According to the rating survey agency Nielsen Korea on July 22nd, the broadcast on July 21st recorded 13.093%, which was an increase of 1.393% from that of the previous episode. Although the drama started with a low rating of 0.9% in the first episode, it has surpassed double-digit numbers since the airing of episode 7. 

KT Group reborn Sky TV as an ENA channel in April and is making significant investments in the media business. As a result, ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ was born.

The online community sees the way ENA promotes its channel number and says: “I’d really need this. There was a channel that came out at the same time as the main broadcast, and there was a separate channel that’s going to be replayed”, “It’s really strange that the channel numbers are messed up in each region, but the ratings are good”, “It’s so diverse. How can I find it?”, “Nice madness”. “The ratings are amazing on a channel that wasn’t well known”

The national channel numbers are numbers except for Skylife No. 1, KT No. 29, SK No. 40, and LG No. 72.

Source: wikitree

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