Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee confirmed to appear in “Youth, Climb the Barrier”, first broadcast in February 2023

Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee will appear in tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Youth, Climb the Barrier” (written by Jung Hyun Jung, directed by Lee Jong Jae).

“Youth, Climb the Barrier” is the story of a crown prince who is under a mysterious curse and a genius girl who is singled out as the culprit of a family murder overnight.

Park Hyung Sik will take on the role of Lee Hwan, a lonely crown prince who holds the secret of a mysterious curse. He hides deep wounds under his cold appearance as well as harsh and arrogant personality. Attention is drawn to the cursed crown prince Lee Hwan to be completed by Park Hyung Sik, who previously showed impressive acting skills in works such as “Happiness” and “Strong Girl Bong Soon”.

park hyung sik

Jeon So Nee, who has been active in dramas such as “Encounter” and “When My Love Blooms”, will play Min Jae Yi, a genius girl who pursues the truth while being framed for the murder of her relative. Min Jae Yi is the daughter of a prestigious family, but she becomes hunted after being stigmatized for murdering her family members. Attention is focused on Jeon So Nee’s acting transformation as she will complete the character Min Jae Yi, who is determined to solve the given difficulties on her own.

The production team said, “The energy and chemistry of Park Hyung Sik and Jeon So Nee will highlight not only the charm of each character but also their relationship. Please give a lot of attention to the story of two young people who try to overcome in their own way without complying with the given fate.

“Youth, Climb the Barrier” will premiere at 8:50 PM on Feb 6th, 2023.

Source: Daum

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