New Chanel’s brand ambassador Minji (NewJeans) generates debates on social media with her way of applying perfume 

Minji’s way of using perfume is said to cause damage and driness to the skin. 

Earlier in February, Minji (NewJeans) was announced brand ambassador for Chanel. While fans are overjoyed by the news, the fashion enthusiasts believe she still has a long way to go to earn the position she has right now.  

Recently, a clip of Minji using the Chanel Chance perfume took over social media where the idol sprayed the bottle of fragrance the wrong way. In the reccomended method for perfume spraying, it is advised that the fragrance be applied to the back of the ear and wrist areas to have a long-lasting effect. However, as the clip showed, Minji applied the perfume directly to her face in large amount. 


In response, netizens were confused, stating that fragrant oils contained denatured alchohol that were the cause of driness and damage to the skin. Therefore one should not use it on their hair or face. Not only does the ads instruct a potentially damaging way of using perfumes, the spray “method” devalued the brand in large part, according to netizens.  

Netizens could not help but compare Minji’s ads to those of other brand ambassadors and faces of the Chanel perfume line. 

Jennie brought class to the bottle of perfume with a simple holding gesture 
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley’s gentle and elegant way of using the perfume 
minji chanel
Minji’s appointment as the brand ambassador of Chanel received mixed opinions online 

Source: K14

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