Netizens selected Top 10 most exquisite photos of Kpop idols, making everyone go “wow”

In countless photos of Kpop idols, netizens chose the top 10 most exquisite ones, these photos received the most praise from everyone.

Kpop fans are familiar with outstanding photography skills of the “legendary” Master-nims. Sometimes, the photos captured by these Master-nims are 100 times as aesthetical as picture taken by professional photographers of famous magazines.
Netizens selected Top 10 most exquisite photos of Kpop idols, making everyone go “wow”
Each idol has dozens of fansites, and each fansite takes thousands of photos, therefore there is a quote saying: “Even if a Kpop fan spends all of his life to save idols’ photos, he can’t save all existing ones”. Within this giant and enormous picture gallery, have you ever wondered which photos are the most exquisite ones that are praised by netizens?
Recently, a poll was conducted to select the Top 10 “epic” photos taken by master-nims, let’s have a look and check whether your favorite fansite is in the list.

Wanna One, Kang Daniel, Kcon Japan
The list begins with “national center” – the pride of Wannable – Kang Daniel. This photo was taken in Boomerang performance in KCON Japan, it really excited many fans as this was the first time that Daniel wore Hasness.
Red Velvet, Irene, Photo, Beautiful
Irene’s unexpected cool and attractive charisma was also highly appreciated by the netizens. For more information, this photo was taken in Seoul Fashion Week 2017 by a famous fansite called Ctrl + A.
EXO, Sehun, EXO'luXion concert, 2015,
No one can forget this legendary performance by Sehun in EXO’luXion concert 2015. Wearing a thin shirt, dancing in the water, Sehun showed off his stunning and sexy body features. The superb photography skills of the master-nim really added up to this moment, making it become an artwork.
Red Velvet, Red velvet joy, Mama 2017
In MAMA 2017, Joy “heated” netizens with a seductive and alluring dress. Her overwhelming charisma was also highly appreciated, that’s why this photo was chosen by netizens to be in the Top 10 list.
BTS, BTS V, photo
This epic photo is special because it was taken by a fansite of Wanna One Park Jihoon. The fact that even a fan of another idol could take a stunning photo like this proves that V’s beauty deserves to be written in the history.
Melon Music Awards 2017, IU, photo
In Melon Music Awards 2017, IU left a strong impression with the performance of Through The Night, which was taken care of by both visual and audio. Especially, her sparkling dress, which was considered as Cinderella’s prom dress, shone bright in the photo taken be an EXO fansite, this really looks like a fairy tale.
EXO, xiumin, photo
Not falling behind his junior, Xiumin caused nosebleed with his sexy collar bones. His dreamy faraway look added up to his attractiveness. With this photo, people who called him the group’s “fake maknae” should re-consider.
Wanna One, Hwang minhyun, Hwang Emperor
Wanna One’s “Emperor”, who possesses perfect facial features that even girls are jealous of. In this photo, Hwang Minhyun did shine really bright.
Wanna One, Ong seongwoo, photo
The flashy effects accidentally created a beautiful movie scene with the main actor, Ong Seongwoo. The “holy” side angle of Ong was completely shown, no wonder he is one of the three sides of “Bermuda triangle” of Wanna One’s visual.
Black Pink, Jennie, Gucci
This photo is the proof of the epic nickname “living Gucci”. From head to toe, Black Pink Jennie is covered by high-class products, she really makes everyone go blank with her superior cool charisma.
Above are 10 selections by netizens, if you have a chance to join in this poll, whose photo will you recommend?

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