BTS’s disappearance on M!Countdown stage and the reason why netizens showered them with compliments

“The global boygroup” BTS has just scored another point in their fans’ heart by this heart-warming action on their latest stage.

The previous M!Countdown on April 18th was extremely expected by fans because it was BTS’s first comeback stage at their homeland after the release of the record-breaking album “Map Of The Soul: Persona”. To repay their fans’ love and support, BTS tried their utmost to give the best performance.

Live “Boy With Luv” – BTS [“M!Countdown” April 18th]

However, at the moment of announcing the winner between IZ*ONE and MOMOLAND, the audience couldn’t find the 7 boys from BTS anywhere on the stage, and many have thought that the boys had left earlier. However, after searching carefully on the screen, fans realized BTS was standing at the back of the stage.

Actually, they were standing at the last row of the stage where fans have to look carefully to be able to see them.

What’s worth saying is according to the K-Pop tradition, the seniors will stand at the front row during the winner announcement. But BTS didn’t do that, instead they chose a position where the camera almost couldn’t find them. Fans are explaning that this action showed the group’s humble attitude and the respect of BTS towards their juniors. Because if they had stood at the front, the audience would have focused on them instead of the winner.

The non-stop compliments from netizens for BTS:

– “This deserves to be complimented. They are humble men with gentleman attitude”.

– “I was also wondering why BTS disappeared at that time. But when I found them behind everyone…BTS is indeed wonderful”.

– “These guys always put everyone before them. I love them”.

– “Above it all, this is just 1 out of million reasons why I love BTS”.

– “Not everyone can notice this but BTS deserves to be called “the diamond heart”.

What’s more precious than their success, is their personality which never fails ARMY.

Source: Kenh14

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