Netizens pick IU’s most impressive role: “My Mister” gets the most votes

Netizens share different thoughts on their favorite role of IU in the dramas that make her famous. 

As an actress who started out as a singer, IU has always been a sought-after star because of her improved acting ability and pretty visuals. She has made her mark in a series of hit dramas namely: Hotel Del Luna, My Mister, Moon Lovers,… IU constantly changes her image in a variety of characters such as a woman in her 20s with many difficulties in life in My Mister, or the beautiful but short-tempered hotel’s owner in Hotel Del Luna. Therefore, netizens find it difficult to choose IU’s most outstanding role in her acting career. 

In a recent topic to pick out the most memorable on-screen performance of IU, most netizens mention two characters: Lee Ji An of My Mister and Hae Soo of Moon Lovers. Notably, My Mister, the drama that helped IU get a nomination for “Leading Actress in TV” at the prestigious 2020 Baeksang Arts Awards, gets more votes from netizens. Moreover, IU’s pretty look in the historical styling and the heartbreaking ending of Moon Lovers have always been many viewers’ favorite. 

  • My pick is Hae Soo.
  • My Mister is the drama that made many people recognize IU’s acting, but it was not until Hotel Del Luna that both her skills and gorgeous beauty became widely known, so for us fans, Hotel Del Luna is the best one
  • Lee Ji Ahn, I still can’t forget her, she stays in my heart forever.
  • It’s definitely Lee Ji Ahn, her acting in My Mister is amazing, the character is great too
  • Hae Soo & Lee Ji Ah, My Mister is the best drama I’ve ever watched, it gives me more motivation when I stumble in life.
  • I love Hae Soo so much. Historical styling suits IU well.
  • My Mister is the drama of my life. I’ve watched it 3 times and still cry.

Currently, IU has not received any offer to star in a new drama. In the near future, she is going to appear in two theatrical films, “Dream” with Park Seo Joon and “Broker” with Bae Doo Na

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