Netizens grieve more knowing Moonbin’s special care for his sister Moon Sua before her comeback

Fans and netizens look back on how ASTRO Moonbin took care of his younger sister Moon Sua when he was still alive.

After the heartbreaking news of ASTRO Moonbin’s death was reported on April 20th, netizens on Twitter and other SNS sites have brought up past moments of the male idol, such as when he promoted his sister’s debut by himself on SBS’s “Running Man” or his wish for younger sister Moon Sua’s happiness in 2023 on “DNA Mate”.

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Moon Sua also appeared on “Weekly Idol” broadcast, which aired on the 30th of last month, and mentioned the special stage “Candy In My Ears” collaborating with her brother Moonbin.

When asked, “What kind of person Moonbin is?”, Moon Sua did not hesitate to express affection for her brother, saying “We’ve gotten closer after doing ‘Candy In My Ears’ stage together. We did not contact each other much before that, but now we keep in touch more often. Yesterday, my brother texted me, ‘Is your comeback preparation going well?’”.

Moonbin trained for 7 years and debuted as a member of ASTRO in 2016, while his sister Moon Sua spent 12 years being a trainee before making her debut with Billlie in 2021. After his group debut, Moonbin had also been carrying out subunit activities with member Sanha since 2020. The duo recently released their new album in January.

Moon Sua’s group Billlie made their comeback with their 4th mini album “the Billage of perception: chapter three” on the 28th of last month.

The Moon Siblings (Moonbin and Moon Sua), who always showed respect and affection for each other since their debut, received great support from netizens.

Paying tribute to Moonbin, netizens commented, “Sua and ASTRO members must be suffering a harder time. I hope they overcome this”, “It’s even more heartbreaking knowing that Moonbin cared for his little sister until the end”, “I’m so sorry that I didn’t know about your struggles”, “I’m worried about his family and members, I hope they stay strong, etc.


ASTRO’s agency Fantagio made an official statement about Moonbin’s death on April 19th. They stated, “Moonbin suddenly left us and became a star in the sky”, adding, “ASTRO members, who have been with him for a long time, as well as our fellow artists and staff at Fantagio, are deeply mourning and grieving for the deceased in great sorrow and shock”. 


In addition, they said, “We feel even more devastated knowing that the deceased always loved and cared for his fans”, adding “According to the wish of the bereaved family, the funeral will be held as quietly as possible with the attendance of only family members and close colleagues”.

Billlie’s agency Mystic Story also announced the cancellation of Moon Sua and Billlie’s schedules on the morning of the 20th.

Source: Wikitree

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