Jisoo – Bona, best friends duo who conquer viewers with potential acting

Born in the same year, both started out as idols and created a buzz with their drama roles in early 2022.

Along with the emotional and quality acting of Kim Tae Ri as Na Hee Do, Bona as Go Yu Rim is also causing a lot of discussion after the broadcast of episodes 7 and 8 of Twenty Five, Twenty One. The character was noticed for her somewhat confusing personality and Bona did a great job of letting her character shine. 


It turns out that Bona is a close friend of Jisoo, a rookie actress who also caused a stir in the Korean film industry in early 2022 with her main role in Snowdrop. The duo are close friends, both are idol-turned actresses, and both are highly appreciated by the audience for their acting ability. 

Jisoo – Snowdrop (JTBC) 


Right in the acting debut with her first role in a drama, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo already got the female lead role. Many people derided that it was thanks to YG‘s influence that she had such a good opportunity. With the scandal of distortion of history, accompanied by the bad impression about her acting in the trailer, many did not put too much expectation on Jisoo‘s debut on the screen. 

Blackpink Jisoo-Snowdrop

However, the results of the drama were extremely surprising. Not a “monster rookie” with great acting, but what Jisoo showed with the character Eun Young Ro made viewers feel very satisfied. In the drama, Jisoo is always ready to put on light makeup or even leave her face bare to meet the character’s image requirements. Jisoo‘s expression is also quite natural, not shy or monotone like many other idol-turned actors. 

Blackpink Jisoo-Snowdrop

Particularly, the crying scenes of BLACKPINK‘s eldest member are very smooth, showing her real emotions. After watching Jisoo‘s crying scene, many people also praised and evaluated her as a potential face for the future Korean melodrama genre. 

Blackpink Jisoo-Snowdrop

Obviously, Jisoo’s debut had a bad beginning but a fulfilling and good ending, her acting was recognized and gained more love from the audience after Snowdrop. In short, Jisoo is a formidable actres that deserves more attention in this decade. 

Bona – Twenty Five, Twenty One (tvN)

Bona-Twenty five twenty one

Not being the female lead, but Bona‘s character Go Yu Rim is still important in the story of Twenty Five, Twenty One. She has nothing to do with the love triangle with the male and female leads, but Go Yu Rim has a big mark in the life and career of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri). Normally, when idols appear on the acting screen, their beauty will not be as shimmering, but in Bona‘s case, we see the opposite. Many say that they love the beauty of Bona as an actress more than as an idol.

Bona-Twenty five twenty one

Everything about Bona in this drama is so simple that it enhances her very feminine and pure beauty. About acting, Bona is also making viewers very satisfied. Although people may not like the way the character Go Yu Rim treats Na Hee Do, Bona has successfully portrayed the mentality of 17- and 18-year-old boys and girls who easily hate others for their own self-consciousness. 

Bona-Twenty five twenty one

In episode 7, Go Yu Rim‘s actions with Na Hee Do during the final controversy became even more obnoxious, making viewers can’t help hating this character. But in turn, Bona acted well in those scenes as she really made viewers feel frustrated with Go Yu Rim‘s unreasonable actions. 

Bona-Twenty five twenty one

Bona has been acting in parallel with being an idol since 2017 and finally with Twenty Five, Twenty One, her acting ability was known by more people. After an impressive performance as Go Yu Rim, Bona‘s acting career will be much more open in the future.

Born in the same year, both starting out as idols and creating a buzz with their drama roles in early 2022, it will be even more interesting if both Jisoo and Bona get nominated for Best New Actress – Television at the upcoming 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards. Let’s look forward to more on-screen performances of this duo of best friends in the future.

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