Netflix confirmed the production of original series “D.P” Season 2

“D.P” which caused a syndrome in the society after its release, will return with season 2.

Netflix officially announced on the morning of December 14th that the production of Season 2 for the original series “D.P” had been confirmed.

D.P Season 2

Based on the orignal webtoon “D.P Dog Days” by Kim Bo-tong, Netlfix’s series “D.P”, which was premiered on August 27th, tells about 2 military police with a mission to catch deserters – Junho (Jung Hae-in) and Hoyeol (Koo Kyo-hwan) chasing deserters, who have various backstories, and facing a hidden reality.

After many hurtful events, Season 1 ended when Junho, who had already been promoted to the corporal rank, began to walk in a different direction from other unit members. Even after the ending credit, Junho’s running footsteps continued for a while, raising curiosity about what stories will be unveiled in the future.

D.P Season 2

Captivating the interest of both the public and movie critics with its new subject, “D.P” revealed the absurd reality in the Korean military. Not only the bromance of Jung Hae-in and Koo Ky-hwan but good performances of actors, such as Kim Sung-kyun, Son Seok-gu, and Cho Hyun-chul, also drew enthusiastic sympathy.

Director Han Joon-hee and writer Kim Bo-tong will also be in charge of the second season. In addition, Climax Studio, which produced the recently hot series “Hellbound”, will make Season 2 of “D.P”. High expectations are mounting over what story that “D.P Season 2” will bring to the viewers.

D.P Season 2

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