The star actress of “Surprise” shared her sad story

Kim Hee Ra, who was active as a reenactment actress in “Surprise,” revealed the reason why she has not been on the show.

It was reported that actress Kim Hee Ra had received chemotherapy for a long time after she was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer, adding to the regret.

Kim Hee-ra

Actress Kim Hee Ra appeared on tvN’s entertainment program “Free Doctor M,” which aired on the morning of Oct 31st.

Kim Hee Ra introduced herself as “Kim Hee Ra, an actress with 38 years of experience who has appeared in 1,800 dramas.”

Kim Hee-ra

These days, I’ve not been appearing (on broadcast). I suffered from breast cancer two years ago because I couldn’t manage my health,” she confessed. Kim said, “Now I am almost completely recovered. I gained weight and was very swollen while receiving chemotherapy,” she said.

The broadcast depicted Kim Hee Ra’s daily life. To return to her healthy past, Kim Hee Ra started the day by doing morning exercises. Having recently moved, she cleaned up her house by rearranging her clothes, which had been delayed for a while.

While cleaning things up, Kim Hee Ra found a wig in a large plastic bag. It was bought to cover her fallen hair during chemotherapy. 

Kim Hee-ra

Kim Hee Ra said, “How strong the medicine was, my hair is all gone after chemotherapy. I’ve been acting as someone with a deadly disease or cancer, but when I was actually diagnosed with cancer, I couldn’t even cry at first,” she recalled her past memories.

She said, “I just dazed out and thought, ‘Why me? Why does it have to be me?’ with tears in my eyes. Even now, I feel so sorry for my face in the photo taken then. It’s my face, but I feel sorry for myself. When I looked at the photo, I remembered the emotions such as difficulty and loneliness when I was sick,” she said.

She added, “I reflected a lot on why I had cancer while looking back on my lifestyle in the past.”

Kim Hee Ra, who debuted as a stage play actress in 1984, has played many different large and small roles and showcased her acting skills in many works. As a child actress when she was young, she has played various roles such as a housekeeper, a shaman, and a court lady.

Kim Hee-ra

In particular, she appeared as a reenactment actress in “Mysterious TV Surprise,” “True Story Theater: Crime and Punishment,” and “Amazing Story Real Situation,” leaving a short but strong impression in the viewer’s mind.

She has also appeared in works such as “Dae Jang Geum”, “Complete Love”, “Bad Housewife”, “Immortal Yi Sun-shin”, “Heaven”, “High Kick”, “Golden Bride”, and “King Sejong”.

Kim Hee-ra

In 2015, she released an album and debuted as a trot singer.

Kim Hee Ra, who was diagnosed with the second stage of breast cancer in 2020, is focusing on treatment and occasionally appearing on broadcasts to update about her life.

Source: wikitree

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