NCT Taeyong’s TikTok video mimicking LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s viral mistake comes under controversy 

Netizens have divided reactions to NCT Taeyong’s seemingly harmless TikTok video

NCT’s Taeyong found himself at the center of a debate among netizens recently, as a TikTok video he posted stirred up a controversy. The video in question appeared to mimic LE SSERAFIM Chaewon’s viral onstage mistake during the group’s recent concerts, which went viral online. 


It was an overwhelming feeling that cannot be explained in words…… 🫠😎🫠😎


The original moment saw Chaewon stammering over her lines and, instead of reacting, simply turning around as if nothing had happened. Fans and netizens had a good laugh about it, turning into a meme. 

However, Taeyong’s TikTok video, using audio unrelated to Chaewon’s famous meme, seemed to mimic the viral moment, leading to accusations of mockery. 

Some fans found it uncomfortable to watch, while others viewed it as harmless fun and similar to the challenges Taeyong had done before. Currently, Taeyong has taken down this controversial video from his TikTok channel. 

The video faced divided opinions from Korean netizens. Many felt that Taeyong’s video crossed the line, questioning his need to film a TikTok video out of another idol’s mistake. They argued that it wasn’t funny and could hurt Chaewon’s fans.

On the other side of the debate, some believed that the criticism towards Taeyong was unwarranted, asserting that it was just a playful video. They argued that people were overly sensitive.

Some Korean netizens’ comments: 

  • After watching the video and going through the comments, I’m not a fan of Taeyong or Chaewon, and I didn’t find the video funny at all. It’s just disrespectful. 
  • Creating a remix challenge based on another idol’s mistake? That’s not a good idea.
  • Taeyong went too far with this. There’s nothing fun about it. Maybe if it had been another member of LE SSERAFIM doing it, it might have been acceptable. But why would a different group do this? 
  • I can’t say the video was offensive, but I can say it wasn’t funny. 
  • Some LE SSERAFIM fans weren’t comfortable with Chaewon’s mistake turning into a viral meme. They only tolerated it because Chaewon herself said she was fine with it. But now, with these remixes and other idols using the audio that isn’t even that popular, I understand why fans are upset.
  • I find it cute, but I understand why people are annoyed.
  • Is this really mockery? Idol fans seem overly sensitive. 
  • Why are people so worked up about this?
  • Chaewon’s meme was about her making a mistake, and everyone had a good laugh about it. The remix used by Taeyong isn’t connected to that viral moment, so it could be seen as him mocking her. 

Source: Koreaboo

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