Somi revealed why she started studying TOEIC and how she became friends with aespa’s Giselle 

Somi answered various questions in a recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR. 

Today (May 30th), a video titled “What does ENFP Jeon Somi’s miscellaneous dictionary look like?” was released on the YouTube channel of fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. In the video, Jeon Somi answers different questions and creates her own miscellaneous dictionary with her personality.

When asked if there was anything she was into these days, Somi chose “Driving” and “Studying TOEIC”. She said, “I recently went to a bookstore and bought TOEIC books. I thought I might forget English. I bought two or three books just in case there are some fancy business words I don’t know.” Somi added that she likes to go out of the studio at dawn, and that she has been hooked on driving.

Jeon So-mi
Jeon So-mi

Somi, who is an ENFP, the most energetic MBTI, also shared “tips” on approaching someone when you want to get close to them. 

Jeon So-mi

Somi went on to explain how she became friends with aespa’s Giselle, saying, “If you approach with confidence, there’s no one who won’t fall for you. First step is to say hello, then give a compliment. It’s even better to learn little things about them to start a conversation.”

Jeon So-mi

Meanwhile, as an icon of the MZ Generation, Somi was recently selected to grace the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Korea’s June issue wearing gorgeous jewelry and boasting a “human vitamin” look. 

Source: Nate

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