DJ DOC’s Lee Haneul proudly reveals his girlfriend “I’ll protect you”

Lee Haneul, who started dating again after overcoming the pain of divorce, has revealed his girlfriend.

On October 27th, Lee Haneul from the hip hop trio DJ DOC posted a video on his Instagram story with the caption, “I will protect you” and “This is what protecting you is like.”

dj doc lee ha neul

The released video shows Lee Haneul and his girlfriend resting her head peacefully on his shoulder. Lee Haneul playfully raised his girlfriend’s mask and said that he would protect her identity. 

The playful yet affectionate video aroused the envy of netizens.

dj doc lee ha neul

Earlier on the same day, Korean media reported that Lee Haneul was dating a non-celebrity woman, and his agency has also quickly confirmed this information. 

After that, Lee Haneul confidently revealed his girlfriend on Instagram, as well as answering fans’ questions.

Lee Ha-neul

Meanwhile, Lee Haneul tied the knot with a non-celebrity in 2018, but divorced in 2020 after a year and 4 months of marriage. After their split, the two appeared on TV Chosun’s program “We Got Divorced”.

Source: Nate

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