The finale of Youth With You 3 has officially been canceled

The organizers of “Youth has friends 3” have responded to rumors that the show’s final episode has completed the recording process.

On May 9, Youth With You 3 program team and iQiyi has released an official announcement. Accordingly, the recording for the final night of Youth With You 3 has been officially canceled. According to the original schedule, the recording process would take on May 8.

In addition, this announcement also said that the program team has not released any information. Therefore, up to now, all rumors on the internet are fake news. 

Previously, according to some rumors, the show has secretly recorded and chosen the debut line-up. 9 names listed are Luo Yizhou, Lian Huawei, Tang Jiuzhou, Liu Guan you, Duan Xingxing, Deng Xiaoci, Jun Liu, Sun Yinghao, Sun Yihang. 

Youth With You 3 is one of two extremely hot survival shows recently. The shows receives a lot of attention on social networks, partly due to the participation of Lisa (BLACKPINK).  But a series of scandals broke out, making it difficult for the producer when the Finale is coming soon.

Another announcement on May 7 from program team is as follows:
“Dear Youth Producers.

We regret to confirm the cancellation of Youth With You 3 finale live stream that was originally scheduled on May 8th. All fan voting channels will also be effectively closed henceforth as iQiyi continues to review and adjust the rules of the show.

To the fans who have been supporting Youth With You 3 over the past two months, we sincerely apologize for our missteps and promise to continue to do better for our users.

İQiyi and Youth With You Program Team.

May 7, 2021

Source: Weibo

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