NCT Dream beat BLACKPINK to set a new record

The successful comeback of the SM boygroup helps NCT Dream continue to set another record, which was previously held by BLACKPINK.

NCT Dream is considered the youngest boy group of SM.  However, “maknae” has just had an explosively successful comeback with the first full album in their career, Hot Sauce.  The group has earned a series of impressive records on YouTube, Melon and Hanteo. 

And most recently, on May 16, NCT Dream continued to break a new record on Ktown4u – Kpop’s top major album sales platform.  Specifically, up to now, NCT Dream’s Hot Sauce album has sold 524,508 copies on Ktown4u.  This achievement helps the group break BLACKPINK’s previous record on Ktown4u, becoming the group that owns the best-selling album of all time on this platform.  Previously, BLACKPINK’s The Album recorded 524,175 copies sold on Ktown4u.

NCT Dream officially became the best-selling artist of all time on Ktown4u
The previous record was owned by BLACKPINK with The Album
The position of the top selling album of all time on Ktown4u has been changed

Top 5 artists owning the best-selling album of all time on Ktown4u system:

  1. NCT DREAM – Hot Sauce: 524,508 copies
  2. BLACKPINK – The Album: 524,175 copies
  3. Baekhyun – Delight: 519,573 copies
  4. SEVENTEEN – Heng: garae: 496,516 copies
  5. NCT – RESONANCE Pt.  1: 447,091 copies

Previously, the album “Hot Sauce” recorded a total of 1,716,571 pre-orders (as of May 9), an increase of 243% compared to the previous album “Reload”.  This is also SM’s highest pre-order record of all time. 

And as of 15:00 on May 16, the album Hot Sauce has sold a total of 992.2 thousand copies, about to reach 1 million.  Kpop fans can’t help but be excited about SM’s boygroup great achievement:

  • SM really “won the lottery”.  NCT Dream is doing well.
  • NCT Dream deserves to be EXO’s successor.
  • They are SM’s youngest boy group, amazing.
  • They really have a solid fanbase!

Source: Ktown4u

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