“Whenever I see you, my heart”…Hwa-yeon makes her debut with “Blossom” produced by Bang Shi-hyuk

Singer Hwa-yeon has made a new start as a female solo with her soft voice and colorful visuals.

Hwa-yeon released her debut song “Blossom” at 6 p.m. on May 1st.

“Blossom” is an impressive song with a sophisticated arrangement that adds addictive lyrics to rhythm based on electronic sound. The track is produced by Bang Si-hyuk, the composer who created the group BTS, and has received great expectations and attention even before its release.


“Blossom” raised its addiction with lyrics that associate the heart of an excited woman at the beginning of love with flowers and repeated but never-ending verbal playfulness. The word “flower” is repeatedly placed on an easy and concise melody, allowing listeners to follow it quickly. Witty expressions such as “I’m into you,” “Flower blooming,” and “Flower falling” delicately reveal the woman’s feelings in love.


I don’t know why I’m doing this and what I’m feeling
Love, love, love… Is this love?
I don’t know what my heart feels

Flowers, flowers, flowers are blooming
Whenever I see you, my heart blooms
Flowers, flowers, flowers are blooming
They’re blooming greatly and charmingly


Through the music video, you can enjoy the soft and clear vocal of Hwa-yeon as well as her bright and lovely visual. Hwa-yeon, who used to be active as a member of ShaFLA and 1PS, draws attention with her relaxed facial expressions that go well with the lyrics of “Blossom”. Her smile in harmony with different kinds of flowers doubles the bright energy of the song.

As the song says, this is a beginning like flowers that bloom brightly. This debut song maximizes Hwayeon’s vocal charms and strengths that have been trained with experiences. “Blossom” is a suitable song for this warm spring season.

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