PSY and P-Nation artists appeared on the first issue of Rolling Stone Korea

P-Nation artists such as Hyuna – Dawn, Jessi, Heize… appeared on the cover of the famous magazine Rolling Stone Korea. 

Besides the Big 3 SM – JYP – YG, the Korean entertainment industry has many smaller management companies that own an equally impressive lineup of artists like P-Nation.  Today (May 2), Rolling Stone Korea magazine’s first issue officially revealed the cover page.

The cast of artists landing on this cover is 6 artists of PSY’s “empire” P-Nation.  Male singer Gangnam Style stands in the middle, surrounded by artists Jessi, Hyuna, Dawn, Heize, and D.Ark respectively.  Charming Jessi in an outfit showing off sexy curves overwhelmed the “sexy queen” Hyuna.

P-Nation was only established in January 2019. It has quickly become the “home” of many top Korean hip hop / R & B artists such as Jessi, Heize, and Crush.  In particular, it also welcome Hyuna – Dawn after being “kicked out” from CUBE Entertainment by freely declaring their love story. P-Nation has become a famous company thanks to PSY’s reputation as well as a group of extremely “cool” artists.

Source: Rolling Stone

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