“Running Man” fanmeeting in the Philippines: meeting 15,000 fans, Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min transform into ‘two-member IVE’

“Running Man” will reveal behind-the-scenes footage of their first overseas fanmeeting in 4 years.

The new episode of SBS’s entertainment program “Running Man”, scheduled to air on April 16th, will unveil behind-the-scenes stories of ‘Running Man’ fanmeeting in the Philippines. The fanmeeting was held at the stage where leading K-pop singers, such as BLACKPINK, NCT, etc., used to perform. Standing in front of 15,000 fans, the members were so nervous that they couldn’t stop staking. Couldn’t hide their excitement, they exclaimed, “I can’t even smile”, “Wow, the venue is fully packed”, etc.


The fanmeeting includes various solo stages and also collaborations. Song Ji Hyo and Jeon So Min transformed into idols and performed “LOVE DIVE”. Before performing “New Thing”, Yoo Jae Suk proudly said, “I have lived like a singer for one and a half months.” However, he immediately gave up, saying “No more ‘New Thing’!”, after making several mistakes during the rehearsal”. Kim Jong Kook and Ha Ha also presented their aspects as professional singers, raising viewers’ expectations for the official broadcast.

In addition, surprise events from fans during the members’ performances were also highlighted. It is said that the members were so emotional that they even shed tears, saying “This story is like a dream”, “Running Man is life!”, etc.

Behind the scenes of “Running Man” fanmeeting in the Philippines can be found on the new episode scheduled for 6:20 p.m. on April 16th.

Source: SPOTV News

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