Nam Gyu-ri reveals her hidden pain “I was ostracized in actress gatherings”

Singer-actress Nam Gyu-ri confessed that she realized belatedly she was an outcast in actress gatherings

Nam Gyu-ri, Lee Hong-gi, Jo Kwon, Jung Yi-rang and Yoon Soo-hyun appeared on the April 16th broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart VS”.

Nam Gyu-ri said, “Because I was alone all the time, I went out a few times to actress gatherings, but I realized later that I was an outcast.

Nam Gyu-ri

She blamed herself, “Now that I think about it, maybe the things I like are different from other people’s.

Jo Hyun-ah advised her not to blame herself, saying, “I hope you don’t think that the reason for being ostracized was because of a problem with yourself.

Then Nam Gyu-ri surprised everyone by revealing, “I realized that they only called me when they needed someone to drive.

Nam Gyu-ri continued, “A few years later, I ended up working on a project with one of the members from the gatherings, and that’s when I found out I was ostracized. But even so, there were people who sincerely congratulated me when things went well, which was really nice.”

Nam Gyu-ri

Finally, Nam Gyu-ri said, “Family is something that embraces you when you’re having a hard time and makes you happier when you’re happy.”

On the broadcast, Nam Gyu-ri’s home was also revealed, showcasing her unexpected daily life living in the mountains. She then surprised everyone by revealing her unusual interest in magpies.

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu-ri released the new digital single “I’m in love with you” through various music platforms on April 8th.

With an acoustic sound accompanied by Nam Gyu-ri’s vocals, it’s a romantic confession song that stimulates comfortable emotions.

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