Seo Ye Ji’s ex-friend exposes the actress’s bad behavior in Spain and her claim about inhaling smoke for ‘Another Way’ come to light

In recent days, Seo Ye Ji has been faced with a series of accusations such as gaslighting Kim Jung Hyun, bullying classmates and lying about once studying in Spain.

Although the management company has denied the allegations, netizens still do not believe it because the explanation of Gold Medalist and Seo Yeji‘s previous assertions contradict each other.

Specifically, Seo Ye Ji previously claimed to have studied in Spain, but netizens have speculated that she is likely to have lied about studying at Madrid’s Complutense University despite her company confirmed she did not graduate from a foreign college. Netizen ‘B’, who claims to be an old friend of Seo Ye Ji, has now spoken out about her behavior in Spain.

Seo Ye Ji's ex-friend exposes the actress's bad behavior in Spain and her claim about inhaling smoke for 'Another Way' come to light

B alleged, “At first, a new youth came into the church, so I treated her well. Seo Ye Ji looked like a nice person, so I thought she was a good kid too. However, she would act friendly in front of her friends, but curse them behind their backs. All the Koreans who lived in Madrid know about it. Seo Ye Ji was not even accepted into the university.”

I helped her a lot and brought her things she needed, but she treated me like a maid. I lived only in Spain for a long time, so I didn’t know much about Korean culture when I was young. Seo Ye Ji told me, ‘In Korea, friends tell each other the passwords to their bank accounts, so tell me yours too.’ She got so angry that I gave her the password, but she used the money for a flight to Barcelona and didn’t give it back. I contacted her, and she talked to me in a way as if to say, ‘You couldn’t even look at me in Korea.’” – according to B.

On the other hand, netizens also clarified about another statement of Seo Ye Ji in the past. Accordingly, Seo Ye Ji once shared that during the process of “Another Way”, she almost died because the director forced her to inhale coal smoke. However, recently, a staff member for the film commented, “When I saw the article about what Seo Ye Ji said, I thought she was trying to make an interesting behind-the-scenes story. I thought she just over-exaggerated.”

Seo Ye Ji's ex-friend exposes the actress's bad behavior in Spain and her claim about inhaling smoke for 'Another Way' come to light

The staff member then stated they had checked with the director and other staff members before the scene, but later confirmed they would film with harmless smoke instead of any real briquettes. He continued, “Before starting to film, we told Seo Ye Ji. This isn’t real briquette smoke. It’s only special effect smoke that’s harmless to the human body, so you don’t need to worry about it,” adding that no coal briquettes were burned when actors were present. The staff member explained when coal briquettes were burned, the area was aired out for 30 minutes before any actors came to set to film.

After nearly a week since the scandal broke out, Seo Ye Ji’s image in the public’s eyes gradually deteriorated. A series of brands canceled the contract with the actress. Many netizens believe that Seo Ye Ji’s career will be completely ruined after this incident.

Sources: allkpop

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