“My Dearest” Korean Actor Mistook For Foreigner Due To His Shaved Head And Fluent Manchu Language Skills

Actor Choi Young-woo drew attention as a scene stealer in the recently ended drama “My Dearest”

MBC’s historical drama “My Dearest” already ended. As the drama was successful, viewers also became more interested in the cast. Among them, actor Choi Young-woo received huge love for his performance as Yonggoldae, a military officer of the Qing Dynasty.

my dearest

Choi Young-woo proved his presence by portraying the right-hand man of the Qing Dynasty’s Emperor Hong Taiji. The actor increased viewers’ immersion in the story with his restrained emotional acting and charisma.

In particular, some viewers mistook Choi Young-woo for a real foreign actor because of the way he fluently speaks the Manchu language and also his unique hairstyle in the drama.

Choi Young-woo is a native Korean. In order to transform into Yonggoldae, he gained 8kg and boldly shaved his head instead of wearing a wig.

my dearest

The actor also poured much effort into digesting the lines in the Manchu language. Choi Young-woo shared, “My first line in Part 2 is in Manchurian. I remember that I wrote it down like 5000 times. That’s why I cannot forget it”.

Choi Young-woo has changed his image in every new work. This time, he established himself as a scene stealer by creating the best character in his filmography through “My Dearest” and gained the trust of viewers.

In response, viewers gave enthusiastic reactions, such as “I can only remember this actor in ‘My Dearest’”, “He was so impressive. I’m looking forward to his next project”, “His voice sounds nice”, “His acting was so amazing that I thought he was a real person from the Qing Dynasty”, etc.

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