Kim Sae Ron compensates 20 million won for repairing the transformer she hit in DUI accident 

Kim Sae Ron has reportedly paid the cost of restoring a damaged transformer she caused in last week’s car accident. 

On May 23rd, an official from Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) said in an interview with TV Daily, “All agreements with Kim Sae Ron have been completed.” Accordingly, it costs about 20 million won (around $15,847) to replace the electric transformer damaged by Kim Sae Ron. As the accident was caused by an individual, Kim Sae Ron has to directly compensate for all the damage she inflicted. In this regard, the official from KEPCO added, “Kim Sae Ron contacted us first and expressed her intention to proceed with insurance.”

The compensation amount is only the cost of repairing one damaged transformer, and does not include compensation for self-employed people who were unable to run their business in the morning due to a power outage at the time of the accident. Kim Sae Ron’s side is currently discussing settlement money with people who claim the damage.  This is also likely to be covered by insurance.

Kim Sae-ron

On May 18th, Kim Sae Ron was caught driving under the influence of alcohol, hitting a transformer, crashing into a guard rail, street trees several times, and fleeing the scene at Gangnam, Seoul. As a result of the accident, the nearby payment system and traffic lights were paralyzed, and it took about 5 hours for the transformer to be restored.

Kim Sae-ron

Police tried to measure Kim Sae Ron’s blood alcohol level, but she asked for a blood test. Her blood test results are expected to come out around June 1st, two weeks after the accident.

Source: Daum

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