Delete photo that sparked V-Jennie’s dating rumor… The original poster revealed the reason

The netizen who posted a photo that sparked dating rumors between BTS V (27 years old) and BLACKPINK Jennie (26 years old) deleted the photo in question.

On May 22nd, a photo taken of two people assumed to be V and Jennie going sightseeing on Jeju Island was uploaded on an Instagram account. The OP (original poster) said, “A hot photo came out today. I don’t know if they are only some lookalikes but two top idols were captured on Jeju Island. Especially, the female idol recently had a dating rumor but I heard she broke up with that OG idol member. That’s why fans believe in this.”

bts v jennie

The photo shows a young man and woman sitting in a white car. The man who looks like V is sitting in the driver’s seat, while the woman who looks like Jennie is sitting next to him. Fans are sure that the man and woman are V and Jennie.

BTS V Jennie

There is a reason why fans are sure that the people in the photo are V and Jennie. Because the two recently posted pictures they took on Jeju Island on Instagram. Moreover, it is said that the sunglasses in the picture taken by Jennie and the sunglasses worn by the woman in the picture taken by the Instagram user are the same. Coincidentally, the two recently changed their Instagram profiles to the letters “J” and “V”, respectively.

Earlier in December last year, V opened his Instagram account. He was caught following Jennie’s account then quickly unfollowed it. Because of this, dating rumors arose at the time.

bts v blackpink jennie

The netizen who posted the photo on Instagram deleted it. According to a post uploaded on Nate Pann on May 23rd, when an Instagram user who saw the photo asked why they deleted the photo of Jennie and V, the netizen said, “I didn’t say it was a photo of Jennie and V. It could be a problem, so I deleted it right away.” To the question “It’s obviously Jennie and V”, the netizen replied, “I wasn’t sure. I deleted it right away because I thought it might be misleading.”

Source: wikitree

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