Korean media announced the identity of the female idol who went to the gay nightclub in Itaewon

A few hours ago, according to an exclusive source confirmed with Wikitree, Park Gyu Ri (former KARA member) is the female idol who went to the gay bar recently. Accordingly, during the period of social distancing, this female idol went to a huge gay nightclub in Itaewon, Yongsan District, Seoul despite the ban of the Korean government.

Immediately after the news was released and caused a stir among the Asian public, Park Gyu Ri admitted to Sports DongA and Korea Joongang Daily: “I sincerely apologize for not complying with the rules during the social distancing period.” Accordingly, the female actress/idol revealed that she went to the designated clinic for a test and got a negative result. Since she received the result, she has stayed at home. Rumored to be not wearing a mask at the club that day, Park Gyu Ri replied “I wore a mask during my time at the nightclub and immediately went for a test when I saw the news about the Covid-19 patient.

Earlier, on May 2, a patient tested positive for COVID-19 from Yongin City went to the bar where Park Gyu Ri was present. The city government estimates that about 500 people went to this place that day.

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