The actress of “True Beauty” showed off her new concept in a shocking photoshoot

Actress Moon Ga-young has released an unconventional pictorial.

Moon Ga-young recently intensively introduced her pictorial in the May issue of DAZED on her Instagram account.


In the released photos, Moon Ga-young boasts her slim figure in a Burberry black jumpsuit. She also poses sexily next to a black horse in a brassiere. Moon Ga-young’s ponytail hairstyle and the black horse form an oddly mysterious atmosphere.


Moon Ga-young must have quite liked this photoshoot she collaborated with DAZED. She has uploaded this DAZED photoshoot five times from April 20th to the 25th.

In an interview with DAZED, Moon Ga-young was asked, “How about the rest of your 20s? How about this year?”.


Moon Ga-young answered, “I have decided to run this year. I think it’s time to run. I’ve even written ‘I have to run’ on my notepad. As you said, I’m a person who always has a lot of alternative plans to do other than acting. I always look around and see if I’m doing OK, what it was like in the past, did I make any mistakes? Am I taking good care of people around me? Did anyone leave? I tend to take care of everything while thinking about everything else, so I also tend to lose concentration. But now, I think I should look ahead and run with all my might. I’m not saying that I’m going to throw away what I have, but I think I need time to throw away all downs and push for my decision once in my life. So I’m going to run harder than ever this year. ”

Moon Ga-young, who became famous for her role in tvN’s drama “True Beauty,” will appear on tvN’s “Link: Eat, Love, and Kill.”

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