Suzy cried and revealed that her agency was concerned about “Anna” 

Singer-actress Suzy expressed her affection for her recent drama “Anna”, as well as her emotions while filming upcoming series “Doona!”

On April 6th, a video titled “Invite YOU our CRYING night show W. SUZY” was published on the YouTube channel “Jo Hyun Ah’s Thursday Night”.

In the video, idol-actress Suzy appeared as a guest and said, “I’m 30 now”, adding, “I always thought about becoming older. Since I was young. As I debuted at such a young age, I wanted to get old faster and become more mature. I wanted myself to become dull on everything.. to be natural about them.”

However, she confessed, “But as I became 30, nothing really changed. I just got older and gained more wrinkles. But I like that too. It’s really good and.. as I become older every year, I feel like I’m becoming a better person.”


Meanwhile, Jo Hyun Ah suddenly started to shed tears and mentioned Suzy’s 2022 K-drama “Anna”, saying, “After watching , I cried again, you know. I just.. feel sad when you look so solid. When you starred in ‘Anna’, I think you were really engrossed in it.”

Hearing this, Suzy recalled, “When I did “Anna”, my company wasn’t against my decision but they had worries because of the fact that I have to act a character in her 40s. And they also had other worries, so I was worried too. But I felt like I HAVE to do this. I felt that this series is a good challenge for me at this point of my career.”

The actress then continued, “So they said yes when I said I really wanted to do this. When the decision was sent at that time, it just proceeded with normal ‘yes’ but later on when I met the company CEO..”, adding, “Anyways, when I met him again, I said ‘at that time, I felt so happy’.”


Suzy also added that “Anna” is a very precious drama to her, and the filming period was really fun. Afterwards, she expressed her feelings about filming, saying, “As year by year goes by and I act in different projects, I think I feel the preciousness. So the most recent one is the most precious one for me. Something I didn’t know when I was young, something I didn’t know when I didn’t know during previous projects.. I learn new things and improve.”

Finally, Suzy revealed that when filming for her upcoming drama, “Doona!”, was completed, she sobbed in front of everyone, and cried in real time. 

On the other hand, Suzy made a successful hit last year with the Coupang Play drama “Anna”. Her next project will be the Netflix series “Doona!”.

Source: Nate

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