Musicow revealed most-searched song in 2022, IU took the reign?

On January 10th, Musicow announced, “We released ‘2022 Magazine’ by collecting the songs that received the most attention last year.”

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As a result of analyzing the songs registered in Musicow last year, the most searched song was IU‘s “Merry Christmas In Advance”, which was searched about 117,000 times, taking the first place by a landslide. Lee Sun Hee’s “Where the love falls” followed in 2nd place with around 2,300 searches.

Meanwhile, the most traded song was EXO’s “Just as usual” and Colde’s “I’m In Love”, which came in 1st and 2nd places, respectively.


In addition, most interested songs include MeloMance’s “Gift” in first place and Sandeul’s “Slight Tipsy” in second.

Overall, Musicow said, “Major songs that have been proven popular and songs of artists that have a big fan base are popular trading options.”

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In fact, singers with definite fandoms such as millennial popular singers EXO, Sandeul, and Melomance, as well national singer Lee Sun Hee’s songs representing the 80s, are gaining popularity, and various songs that transcend the era, genre, and gender are being traded.

In particular, IU’s “Merry Christmas In Advance”, which has both vocal ability and popularity, was the most searched song, drawing surprise.

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An official from Musicow said, “There is an increasing number of users, centered on the MZ generation, who want to feel the joy of owning and sharing the music copyrights of their favorite artists like goods”, and “We will do our best this year to popularize cultural finance and create a healthy music ecosystem where culture becomes investment.”

Source: wikitree

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