The photos that TWICE’s youngest member Tzuyu posted… Everyone is surprised after seeing them

TWICE Tzuyu’s recent photos drew attention.

On June 30th, Tzuyu uploaded several photos on Instagram along with the caption “Make sure to bring an umbrella☂🌦“. The photos showed Tzuyu taking selfies on the terrace of a building located in the middle of the forest.

Tzuyu, who changed her style with blonde hair, showed a different charm compared to before. Wearing a cardigan and a lime-colored sleeveless shirt that revealed her cleavage slightly, Tzuyu attracted attention by creating a chic yet elegant atmosphere.

Recently, TWICE members opened their personal Instagram accounts for the first time in 7 years since their debut. The members, including Tzuyu, are actively communicating with fans by different Instagram IDs.


Tzuyu from Taiwan is TWICE’s youngest member. She was frequently mentioned as a visual member from the beginning of her debut and received spotlight due to her distinct facial features and extraordinary height.

Tzuyu instagram

Source: wikitree

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