Suzy smiles next to her “husband”… “Today is Anna’s day”

Actress Suzy boasted a variety of charms.

On July 1st, Suzy posted several photos on her Instagram along with the caption “Today is Anna’s day. See you on Coupang Play.

Suzy Anna

In the photos, Suzy was making various poses at the filming site of the drama “Anna“.

Suzy Anna

In a photo, Suzy was with actor Kim Jun-han, who plays her husband in “Anna”, at the filming site. In another one, she smiled brightly while reading a book.

Suzy Anna

Suzy takes on the role of Anna in Coupang Play’s drama “Anna”.

Suzy Anna

“Anna” tells the story of a woman who loses her true identity and starts living a new, unpredictable life under a new name because of a minor lie that she made up.

On KBS 2TV’s “Entertainment company Live”, which aired on June 30th, she revealed her honest side when talking about her secret to stay young, “It feels like I was born with it.”


Source: nate

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