More measures are being taken by managing companies to protect their artists’ physical and mental health 

Managing companies are playing an increasingly central role in maintaining and promoting their artists’ well-being. 

ASTRO Moon Bin’s sudden passing left many questions unanswered for fans and family. Through recordings and photos, Moon Bin might appear as if nothing went wrong. However, fans are noticing subtle layers of meanings in the late idol’s social media posts. The unexpected death of an ASTRO member raises concerns about an idol’s physical and mental health. 


Being an idol is difficult because they have to endure both physical and mental pain. Physical pain and injuries often result from a dense schedule and frequent public appearances. However, it is through malicious comments and public disdain that leads to mental health problems. Before Moon Bin, SHINee Jonghyun, f(x) Sulli and KARA Go Hara resorted to extreme measure when they experienced depression. 

However, in recent times, more K-pop idols are announcing hiatus, or even departure, from a group due to health reasons. In light of these occurrences, fans are urging managing companies to pay serious attention to the physical and mental health of their artists. 

In response, more companies are stepping up efforts to ensure the health of their idols. According to Ilgan Sports, a way to reduce idols’ activity postponement is by readjusting promotional schedules. Idols are not forced into carrying out promotions. They have more chance to be heard. 

Moreover, there is a trend in which entertainment companies bring their artists to annual physical health check-ups. At the same time, they educate their idols about the importance of keeping and maintaining a healthy and stable mind. 


However, a third factor comes into play, which is the determination of an artist to be perfect. There are many stories of idols not eating nor sleeping so that they would have more time to polish their dancing skills or train their vocals. 

Managing companies are taking more serious measures to protect their artist’s mental health and promote well-being. Fans also try to create a positive environment for their idols in their interactions with them.

Source: Ilgan Sports 

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