Moon Se-yoon thanked Kim Seon-ho when giving award-acceptance speech at “2021 KBS Entertainment Awards”

Broadcaster Moon Se-yoon made an unconventional pledge in case he would win the grand prize.

2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

KBS2’s “2 Days 1 Night Season 4“, which will be broadcast on Dec 26th, is expected to depict the last story of the “Taste of Mokpo” special episode with guest Hyeri.

In a recent recording, Moon Se-yoon expressed his gratitude for attending the awards ceremony, “I originally spent the year-end with my family because no one invited me. However, thanks to ‘2 Days 1 Night’, I was able to occupy a spot at the awards ceremony for 3 consecutive years, and my wife really liked it.”

In response, Ravi suggested, “Let’s try Ho-dong’s hair if you receive the grand prize.” Upon hearing this, Moon Se-yoon promised, “I will maintain Kang Ho-dong’s hairstyle for a month.”

2021 KBS Entertainment Awards

Meanwhile, Moon Se-yoon won the grand prize at the “2021 KBS Entertainment Awards” held at KBS New Wing Open Hall in Yeouido, Seoul on Dec 25th. Moon Se-yoon gave credit to “2 Days 1 Night” members and staff as well as mentioned Kim Seon-ho, “I want to thank Seon-ho though he can’t be with me now.”

He also added, “When I was having a hard time, Kim Sook gave me strength and patted me on the shoulder. If I could go back to that time, I would like to thank her so much. I asked Shin Dong-yup how to be loved for a long time, and he encouraged me by saying, ‘You are an undervalued blue-chip. You’ll be recognized someday.'”

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