Moon Ga Young is still close with “True Beauty” cast? Date photo revealed 

Actress Moon Ga Young revealed her date with co-star in the drama “True Beauty”, flaunting a close friendship.

Recently, Moon Ga Young posted a picture on her Instagram without any comments.


In the released photo, Moon Ga Young is concentrating on something while looking at her phone. She also mentioned the person who took the photo in the comments, referring to actress Kang Min Ah.

In response, Kang Min Ah drew attention by leaving a comment saying, “If you are like this, I’ll get caught.”


Netizens who saw this left comments such as, “The friendship between the two of them during the drama ‘True Beauty’ is still warm and friendly”, “The two of them look so close!”, “Moon Ga Young is so pretty~!!” and so on.

Meanwhile, Moon Ga Young, Kang Min Ah, and Park Yoo Na played an active role as a high school trio in the tvN series “True Beauty”. After the drama ended, the three formed a precious friendship.


Kang Min Ah once mentioned, “The people I meet and contact most often these days are Park Yoo Na and Moon Ga Young.” She also describes their friendship, saying “The three of us are still tight, and we are close enough to contact each other almost every day. I recently went for a drive with sister Ga Young.”

It seems that Moon Ga Young is still close with the cast members of “True Beauty” such as Kang Min Ah and Park Yoo Na.

Source: wikitree

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