The recent status of the female idol who was named in “Top 3 ulzzangs of Jeonju Arts High School”

Girls’ Generation Taeyeon recently amazed fans with her new transformation with long hair.

On November 23rd, Taeyeon posted several photos on her personal Instagram account with the short caption “Advertising”.

The released pictures show Taeyeon doing various poses, such as holding a luxury brand bag in her hand and carrying it on her shoulder.

Taeyeon predebut

Taeyeon highlighted her chic vibe by matching the dark brown bag with her black pants, white T-shirt and gray cardigan. However, it was her long hair that drew the most attention.

In response to Taeyeon’s updates, Internet users commented, “Isn’t she crazy?… I love you, princess”, “Her daily photo looks more like a photoshoot than a real photoshoot”, “Taeyeon unnie, why are you so pretty?”, “She just uploaded the photos 1 minute ago but look at the likes… You’re the best, unnie”, “Taeyeon with bangs should receive an award”, “She’s a real doll, isn’t she?”, “I’m gonna faint… She’s so pretty”, etc.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon debuted in August 2007 as a member of Girls’ Generation. Since then, she has built a successful career by working enthusiastically in various fields, including group promotions, solo and unit activities, and variety shows, as well as being an MC and ambassador for several brands.


In particular, Taeyeon made a big hit from the beginning of her solo career with the release of the album “I” in 2015. After then, all the solo songs she released achieved amazing results and were well-received by the public. Taeyeon also holds the record of being the singer who won Daesang both with her group and solo activities. Therefore, she is considered a representative artist and vocalist of K-pop.

Taeyeon is from Jeonju. Her father was a vocalist in a band and her mother was a singer who swept many children’s song festivals.

snsd taeyeon instagram

With her pure and sophisticated appearance, Taeyeon is called a representative of “SM’s style”. Taeyeon was rumored to have undergone plastic surgery during her debut days, but her childhood photos that were later released proved that she’s a “born beauty”.

Taeyeon is known to be one of “3 ulzzangs of Jeonju Arts High School” (“ulzzang” refers to someone who is very handsome or beautiful). Another Girls’ Generation member Seohyun also graduated from Jeonju Arts High School and was also named in the Top 4 together with Taeyeon.


Taeyeon had dreamed of becoming a singer since she was young and also won 1st place in several music competitions. When Taeyeon was in the second year of middle school, she entered SM Academy “Starlight” and spent a year going back and forth between Jeonju and Seoul to take singing lessons. 

Taeyeon’s former vocal trainer once shared, “I was surprised with her concentration level. I felt like she did not listen to anyone but only focused on one road”, adding “I knew she would succeed someday”. 

Source: Daum

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