‘Mask Girl’ Nana, A Daughter Who Obeys Her Mother’s Wishes and Removes Her Tattoos

Nana’s a Well-Behaved Daughter Who Listens to Her Mom.

Former After School member and actress Nana revealed a full-body shot on the 5th. In the posted photo, Nana is wearing a pink-toned mini dress, striking bold poses. Her long legs and the fading tattoos draw attention.

Last year, when attending the production presentation for the movie ‘Confession,’ she became a hot topic for boldly displaying various tattoos all over her body.


Recently, she appeared on singer Cho Hyun-ah’s YouTube channel ‘Cho Hyun-ah’s Thursday Night’ and mentioned, “During a difficult period in my life, I turned to tattoos as a way to relieve stress. However, at my mother’s request, I’m in the process of removing all my tattoos to have a clean body again. My mother wants to see me with no tattoos.”

Meanwhile, Nana has been gaining attention both domestically and internationally for her impressive acting in the recent Netflix hit series ‘Mask Girl.’


‘Mask Girl’ tells the story of Kim Momi, an ordinary office worker with appearance insecurities who hides her face with a mask and becomes an internet BJ (broadcast jockey) at night, inadvertently getting involved in unexpected events. It portrays Kim Momi’s eventful life journey.

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