“There is No Perfect Couple” Ryu Jun-yeol’s Past Remarks Resurface After Breakup with Hyeri

Hyeri’s ex-boyfriend Ryu Jun-yeol once gave dating advice

In December 2021, fashion magazine ‘GQ Korea’’s official Youtube channel uploaded a video titled “From solving the problem of having different tastes with a boyfriend to passing down the driving secret tips (Ryu Jun yeol, From Me to You, Counseling on concerns)”

A female fan said she was worried about her tastes being different from her boyfriend’s. In response, Ryu Jun-yeol advised, “If you want to maintain a romantic relationship, you will have to give up on something eventually.”

He continued, “This is not only for dating couples”, adding, “If you are doing something together with someone, you can’t just talk about your own story.”

Ryu Jun-yeol

Saying that there can’t exist a couple that is a match made in heaven, Ryu Jun-yeol said, “There are ‘soulmates’ couples. But there can never exist perfectly matched couples. Because in the end, I am me and that person is herself”

Ryu Jun-yeol continued to give advice, saying “People can have similarities with each other but can’t be exactly the same”, adding, “It’s like if you try to understand while watching crime movies or action movies first, the man will naturally follow you.”

He said, “Even when it’s not your favorite type, if you watch it several times, you may find it getting more interesting, so just try to do so for once. He is your boyfriend, not a stranger, so it’s worth giving a try.”

reply 1988

These dating advices from Ryu Jun-yeol are gaining attention again following the reports of his breakup with Hyeri after 7 years of dating.

Earlier today (November 13), News1 revealed that the two had parted ways as a couple and decided to remain close colleagues. Ryu Jun-yeol and Hyeri co-starred in tvN’s drama “Reply 1988” in 2015 and drew much attention when they developed into real-life lovers.

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